viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017

The Truth

My mouth tries to
tell you the truth.
The one that cannot 
be told for the fear of
loosing you.

My heart tries to
let you come in.
As if I lived in a house
and no one but you 
could enter here.

My eyes try to
show how with you
I don't have to 
pretend to be 
someone else.

And, darling, I just
wanna show you the truth
But the scars in my mind
don't want me to.

My feet try to 
move on,
but my body aches
as it did before.

And I swear I've tried
to change.
But my heart aches as in
those rainy days.

And, sweetheart, I just
want you to know
the whole truth:
I miss you.

I miss the way you
told me to be myself 
I miss the way you used to
scratch my head.
I miss the way used to
make me feel.
As if I could do anything
by being me.

And I miss the way 
we used to laugh
and how love shone
over the darkest times.
I miss the way you
made me feel.
As if I could do anything
by being me.

My mouth tries to
shout out the truth,
but here I am
with that stupid fear 
of loosing you.

Baby, I just want you 
to see that you 
meant everything 
to me.

- Palabrita de Celia

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